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Property Taxes

The Importance of Tax Accounting and Having a Property Taxes Specialist

If you are looking for a tax accountant near me, then Charterwells is here to help. Tax accounting is a crucial step for most businesses, but many fail to see its importance and simply brush it off as a chore to be taken care of later. Our tax accountants are experts in the structure of tax methods rather than the stereotypical organization and presentation of accounting records. We look at United Kingdom tax laws and use that knowledge to apply what and how much tax applies to your business. The tax structure of businesses is complex, so our scrutiny of it is what has allowed us to become respected in our field. 

Charterwells also look to help real estate investors and landlords with their property taxes. As a firm that can specialize in property taxes, Charterwells has the tools and resources to help small real estate investors navigate this ever complex area of their business. The UK has taken measures in recent months that have placed buy to let landlords in a particularly difficult situation. We have the experience and the expertise to give our small buy to let investing clients the right information to make sure they are not bogged down with these new and difficult measures. There are important points to understand of the new laws before taking a plunge. Buy to let investors may see their taxes increase and profits fall over the next few years due to mortgage interest relief being capped at 20% and the abolishment of the wear and tear allowance. There will also be an extra stamp duty tax that can reach upwards of 3%. While these measures may seem overwhelming, they should by no means stop your investing decisions. We are here to make sure that you are well informed when considering your next property investment.

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