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4 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business

2020 has been an unprecedented year for businesses. However, this will not stop us from giving you the latest digital marketing trends.

There are four digital marketing trends that your business should know about in 2020.

Video Content

This trend is not novel in its existence and has arguably been the most popular form of consumable content. Hubspot reported that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool whilst Google also reported that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television.

Your business must capitalize on this trend and invest in video content as 2020 is likely to be the last year before it becomes the norm.

If your business is already doing so then you will already know the benefits. However, you can also make changes too. Your business may create multiple videos but your main focus now should be on creating one high-quality video that can work across all of your platforms.

As well as using just one video, consider creating live videos. Social media giants such as Facebook aim to compete with traditional TV and are going to favour channels that go live in order to compete with this.

Your videos not only have a higher chance of being promoted but your engagement will be higher and thus will attract greater traffic to both your socials and your website. Hence the increasing your sales funnel resulting in higher revenues and profits.

Mobile traffic decreases

2020 has seen mobile traffic decreasing, in part because of Google and voice search. Beyond 2020 more searches will be done by voice search.

This is because Google is constantly pushing the message to individuals to stay on the Search Engine Results Pages instead of clicking-through.

As a result, your business will see your stats and analytics in decline, unless your business adapts. Products and services can now be bought straight from search, so why would consumers click on your business page when they already have their answer?

In order to correct this, your business needs to make sure that your brand is memorable. If consumers remember your brand, your business is likely to be the first place they think of when they need to buy a new product or service.

To increase your traffic, replace mobile traffic with voice reach. It will make all the difference to your business.

Tailor your brand

Customers in 2020 want an experience, they want to be valued and they want to know that their hard-earned money they’re giving your business is going to be appreciated.

They do not want to be seen as just a financial transaction so your content should reflect this.

Your content should be sincere, authentic and relevant and in return your business will see increased customer loyalty and a much more receptive customer base.

Your business must always be responsive to customers needs and questions. No customer wants to receive the same monotonous replies to their questions that they have spent their time asking, so personalise your answers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is 2020’s most influential trend despite it not being a new concept.

Research has shown that 85% of customer service in 2020 will be conducted by chatbots whilst 49% of consumers shop more often and 34% spend more cash with the presence of Artificial Intelligence. Research has shown that customers respond positively to chatbots as they have the ability to remember customer purchase histories and are more efficient in dealing with requests.

Chatbots provide reliable customer service, which will allow you and your employees to focus on more time consuming and difficult tasks.

Artificial Intelligence can already analyse user behaviour through views and interactions which will provide your business with an accurate image of your audience. This allows you to personalise your business around your audience. This intelligence can also look at their online behaviours and show what your customer base is looking for online. Therefore your business can use this to make sure your products and services are just what they need and you are there when

your customers need your products and services.


At Charterwells we recommend you learn and invest in these trends now.

You will save countless hours of work by adopting these techniques and your business will reap these benefits immediately. This unprecedented year is the time to try new techniques and adapt your business.

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