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One in four businesses wants more engagement from accountants

Accountants need to engage further with their clients according to a survey by accountancy IT giant Sage.

A survey of small business owners found that 39% said they would like their account to utilise technology more effectively so they could have better contact.

The "Pulse Survey 2013" report looked at the relationship between clients and accountants with nearly four in ten clients claiming they want to be able to contact their accountant whenever they feel it is necessary - using IT.

Laurence Collins, MD of online accountancy firm Magic Accounts, said: "Being able to contact an accountant to discuss anything from cash flow to tax issues is crucial to the smooth operation of any business, large or small."

More than 28% of people surveyed said they also would prefer a more regular stream of contact from their accountant, whether by phone or by email. These statistics are indicative of businesses now wanting more up-to-date information on the financial viability of their business and more often.


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